Jesus Bamford

Senior Software Development Engineer at Zillow

I'm a software engineer and problem solver. I primarily use .NET, Java, and Python in my day-to-day life. On my free time, when it's too cold to go outside, I tinker with embedded software.

I earned my B.S. in Computer Science from California State University Channel Islands in the fall of 2017. During my senior year, I served as a research assistant under the guidance of Dr. Bieszczad, contributing to the development and testing of an ICV obstacle avoidance algorithm. My responsibilities included developing an emulator to simulate an autonomous maze-solving robot, utilizing the ICV algorithm to avoid collisions with maze walls. Furthermore, I conducted experiments on a tangible robot. I presented the outcomes of this research at both the 31st annual CSU Research Competition and the 9th annual Sage Student Research Conference. Check out this blog post for more information!

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries by sending me an email or messaging me on LinkedIn!

Thank you for reading!