Jesus Bamford

Software Engineer looking for a full time opportunity


I am a software engineer with a passion to enhance my capabilities as a programmer everyday. My primary work experience is .NET but I am highly motivated in experimenting with other languages, frameworks, and methodologies.

I graduated from California State University Channel Islands in Fall 2017 with a B.S. in Computer Science. At CSUCI, I helped perform research on an obstacle avoidance technique for an autonomous maze solving robot. I presented my work at the 31st annual CSU Research Competition and the 9th annual Sage Student Research Conference.


.NET: I have experience in building WPF software in .NET Framework and Core. I maintain an open source Android App that performs BLE over-the-air updates on a DA14580 SoC. I also created a C++/CLI library used to detect GS1 barcodes, QR codes, and colored LED illumination from a webcam feed. This computer vision library utilized OpenCV and ZXing.

Embedded: I have a great amount of exposure in building Python applications that run on a Raspberry Pi. I also have experience in interfacing a Raspberry Pi to external devices via I²C, SPI, and UART. Lastly, I have written firmware for a DA14580. (If you're interested, please refer to this post for more information)

Sockets: I have experience in programming TCP/IP sockets in C#. I have built a Bluetooth server on a Raspberry Pi. I also have experience in building a BLE profile on a DA14580 and communicating to said BLE profile using an Android app.

Web: I created this website from scratch using Django! I would like to learn more about full stack web development using my personal website as a guinea pig. I also have experience in setting up Nginx, Gunicorn, Memcached, and PostgreSQL to work in conjunction with Django.

Open Source: I love to give back to open source projects such as Prism and MaterialDesign in XAML. By contributing to these great projects, I help make open source sustainable and gain a better understanding about software engineering practices. I also have a repository of open source projects on my Github.

For any inquiries please send me an email or message me on LinkedIn!

Thank you for reading!